My work aims to deconstruct the substance of our visual reality by breaking matter into surface refractions of light and color. These refractions exist in a constant state of flux by way of transient factors of light, color, and time. Refraction (the bending of light passing from mediums of varying density) is the foundation of visual perception as light bends through the lenses of our eyes, allowing us to perceive our world.

My pieces invite viewers to ponder if matter only exists in our reality as a refraction, then does a change in the surface refraction of that matter change a fundamental element of the underlying substance? Shot through, or on, varying materials (glass, ice, plastic, film, water, etc), my pieces aim to dissolve the expectations of physical substance by showing their objective reality as existing only as these refractions of light and color. In deconstructing these expectations, I am attempting to display their true state by showing matter as it really is, a refraction. I aim to disrupt the continuity of our visual reality through photography.

Relying on nominal digital manipulation, my work is less abstraction, instead aiming to capture scenes and details as they are. Remaining true to the natural fidelity of light and color, my photography draws inspiration from the impressionist movement, specifically Monet and the method of painting en plein air (spontaneous renderings of nature as an amalgam of light), and the enveloppe (the unifying atmospheric light encompassing all things). These concepts ultimately freeing color from its conventional ties and displaying it as a purely optical value.


Kobi Walsh (b. 1995) is a Brooklyn based fine art photographer whose work focuses on the order and chaos of natural form and geometry, the depth and materiality of organic distortion, and the playful transience of natural light and color. Kobi’s work explores the subtle nuance and visual subjectivity of distortion, playing with variations of light and perspective in order to alter the emotion of a scene. Aiming to preserve the visual authenticity of his experience, his work relies on nominal digital manipulation, instead focusing on organic distortion via natural and man-made materials.

Born in Chicago, Kobi studied cognitive and brain sciences at Tufts University, incorporating an understanding of the neurological foundations of perception to play with the expectations of photographic abstraction. Kobi has won 33 awards for his photography from organizations such as PX3 Prix de La Photographie Paris, Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA), International Photography Awards, and Photographers Forum. He has been published 9 times in international publications for his photography.


1995 Born in Chicago, Illinois

2013-2017 B.S. (Cognitive and Brain Sciences) Tufts University, Boston, Massachusetts